Four Corner Sabbaths with New Moon as Chief Corner

4th qtr
Y’hoshua is the begining and end, next letter is “Mem”-waters, He paused before creation week began with the 1st of the 6 work days, as The Spirit hovered over the face of the waters on the dark New Moon Day.

After “Yod” next letter begins
Week day # 1

Sun Chief
Red=work days,
Blue=New Moon & Shabats

New Moon Day  7  6   5       4  3  2  1 3rd qtr 1st Quarter After “He” next letter,- Week-day#1
Vav begins Lev. 1 N.M. 1st
29th 28th 27th      26th 25th 24th 23th 22th 7
1 2nd
21th 6
2 3rd
20th 5
3 4th Earth 19th 4
4 5th 18th 3
5 6th 17th 2
6 7th 16th 1
7 8th 9th 10th       11th 12th 13th 14th 15th 2nd qtr
After “He” next letter begins Week day # 1
Third Quarter 1st qtr 1   2        3   4   5   6   7 2nd Quarter After “Vav” next letter begins Week day # 1

YHVH (Yehovah-or recent history “Jehovah”), the four letters of the Tetragrammaton, His Holy Name paganized by “The Lord” over 6 thousand times in the corrupt translations, Are the Head Rosh, of each weekly cycle, four letters start four weekly cycles per moon–month, as seen in the Hebrew masoretic text of Leviticus 1:1, Hidden of embedded, so as not to be seen by the corrupters of Scripture, The breach to be repaired is the “transgression of desolation” violating His Command in Deuteronomy 4:2, and 12:32, to add not or take away from His Words of Command, which was done in Exodus 20:8, “Remember the New Moon Day to keep It Holy”, and many other texts. This first line of the 4th command was dropped completely out of Leviticus 23, severed from the 4th command, leaving out even their substituted Sabbath for New Moon  verse.

Leviticus 1:1 Vav is first letter representing New Moon, 2nd letter is “Yod” then 7 letters then “He”, then 7 letters then “Vav”, then 7 letters then “He”.
“Yod He Vav He” inhabits eternity, and does not occupy time but rather, creates time; thus the letters of His Name are transparent to time: They do not occupy time, but create time.

Y’hoshua, as the letter “Vav” occupies or represents the New Moon Day, as He is The Chief Cornerstone, of creation, and the New Moon Day is the Chief Cornerstone of time.
Which is why the 4th commandment includes the statement of “moedim” commanded in creation week day the 4th:
“Remember The New Moon Day to keep It Holy”. and,
“They shall be for signs “eth” and appointments “moeds”.

S.D.A. Bible Commentary Vol. 7
CT- Revelation
PR- 07
PG- 977
(Ch. 7:2, 3). The Question Before Us Now. –The Sabbath question is to be the issue in the great final conflict, in which all the world will act a part. Men have honored Satan’s principles(false science) above the principles(True science) that rule in the heavens. They have accepted the spurious sabbath, which Satan has exalted as the sign of his authority. But God (Elohim) has set His Seal (His Name) upon His Royal Requirement. Each Sabbath Institution, both True and false, bears The Name of its Author, an Ineffaceable Mark that shows the Authority of Each.
(See the Header image of Leviticus 1:1 at the top of this page.)

(There is a True Institution of time, or time-base, a lunar time-base;
and there is a False Institution of time, or time-base, a continuous never breaking, cycle of 7’s, worshiping that troop, or Number 7, disregarding Genesis 1:14-19, explained by arithmetic in Exodus 16.

(Rev. 14:7 Worship Him as Creator that made Heaven and Earth, the Sea and the Fountains of Waters) and respect His Word above modern false science which contradicts His Sovereign Word.

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